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New 'Rich Rejuvenating Moisturiser with Sea Buckthorn' - Limited Edition!

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Sally Merrett | 0 comments

What will sea buckthorn fruit oil do for your skin?

Sea buckthorn is a skin nutrient power house containing the rare fatty acid omega 7 and is also high in vitamins and anti-oxidants and important amino-acids, which provide building blocks for collagen.  Omega 7 will help reduce skin cell inflammation one of the causes of damage and ageing and can potentially act as a cell communicator and energizer.  In other words it can boost your skin's ability to repair and protect itself.  

Our limited edition Rich Rejuvenating Moisturiser with added sea buckthorn fruit oil (which is also contained in our Renewing Oil Serum) gives it a stronger orangey colour and a fruitier smell than the original.

To buy please go to Rich Rejuvenating Moisturiser and click on the limited edition in the drop down menu.


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