100% natural. Organic. Made in Bath, England 

Our Science

Bath Spa Skincare has a small high tech laboratory based in Bath and we have collaborated with the University of West England's CATIM laboratory (see here for CATIM's case study of Bath Spa Skincare), the UK’s leading antioxidant laboratory, Knight Scientific, and Indigo Science to ensure our products are thoroughly researched and tested, pure and effective.

Anti-Ageing Science

Bath Spa Skincare products use vitamin, mineral and antioxidant therapy, together with botanical extracts, to address the five main causes of skin ageing as well as the symptoms:

1. Skin ager enemy number one - oxidation due to sunlight, smoking and pollution is tackled with super high quality antioxidants and the botanical extract Herbe d'Aguille also boosts the skin's own natural antioxidants, in particular Super Oxidase Dismutase (SOD). 

2.  Inflammation is quenched by immortelle flower extract and soothing organic aloe vera.  Immortelle has been proven to combat the inflammation effects of the stress hormone cortisol on the skin.

3.  Glycation, the cross linking of skin proteins, particularly collagen, caused by high blood sugar from consumption of sugars is dealt with by the powerful antioxidant grape seed extract and vitamin C (Schmid et al: Collagen Glycation and Skin Ageing https://www.mibellebiochemistry.com/pdfs/Collagen_glycation_and_skin_aging_-_CT_2002.pdf)  

4. Inherent decline of the skin matrix as we age is alleviated by boosting its main components  - collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - with botanical Herbe d'Aiguille, also known as Hairy Beggerticks! Its trade name is Revinage and in tests has shown to produce similar effects to retinol but without the irritation.  

5. Finally, our products are 100% natural and do not include any poor synthetic chemicals, some of which  produced oxidative stress in our skin testing. 



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