100% natural. Organic. Made in Bath, England 

Our Nature & Ingredients

Our 100% natural skin care products are safe, pure and beneficial.  

For our rejuvenating range we have selected nature’s most beneficial botanical extracts to help protect and repair your skin so it looks its healthy best:

  • Herbe d’aiguille has an excellent retinoid (vitamin A) anti-ageing affect on the skin without any of the associated irritation of synthetic retinoids.
  • Immortelle flower extract which is anti-inflammatory and reduces the effects of the stress hormone cortisol on the skin.
  • Super-antioxidants from rosemary, green coffee, green tea and grape seed to slow the rate at which we age.

A full list of our natural skin care ingredients, together with an explanation of their benefits and credentials, is provided for each product in the 'Buy Products' menu.

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