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Happy Birthday young man!

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Sally Merrett | 1 comment

It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow and this year I’m going to give him an extra present - a moisturiser. Nothing too controversial there you might think but, despite his liberal eco-friendly leanings, when it comes to skincare my husband is a self-confessed dinosaur. He swears by Bath Spa Skincare’s deodorant and happily reaches for the Intensive Cream when his eczema flares up, but when I’ve tried to encourage him to moisturise he draws the line, blaming his age and northern roots. I’ve tried pointing out to him that some of his closest male friends are regular customers of our Rejuvenating Moisturiser and I know even more ‘borrow‘ their partners but so far he’s remained unmoved.

However I recently caught him checking his crows feet in the mirror and when I suggested I could help him with them he didn’t give his usual shrug. So a moisturiser it is. A wrapped and ribboned trojan horse to be snuck in amongst the presents he’s actually asked for. At 44 he still looks good for his age, but I’d like to know that he’ll stay that way for another 40 years. Who knows, by his next birthday I might have finally got round to developing a range specifically for men.   

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  • Micaela

    Hope he liked it? Sounds great that you’re considering a men’s range.


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