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The 'Lent Plastic Challenge' - reducing our single use plastics

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Sally Merrett | 0 comments

Bath Spa Skincare is really pleased to be supporting the 'Lent Plastic Challenge' which aims to reduce single use plastics (run by Green Livvy @GreenLivvyD, to join www.GreenLivvy.com).  Bath Spa Skincare has provided a discount code for those taking part (see Green Livvy's website) and a prize of the Renewing Oil Serum in its new glass bottle.  

That's right, the new glass bottles have arrived!  Refills for all the glass bottles are available so that you can reuse the pump or spray tops (unfortunately pumps and spray tops are never recyclable as they are a mixture of metals and plastic).  The Rejuvenating Moisturisers need to stay in their special 'airless' containers to protect the anti-ageing active ingredients; these are a stable type of plastic so we offer a refill service for these.

Renewing Oil Serum with 1. pump and 2. refill.

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